Congratulations on being one step closer to being a mother! Bringing new life into the world is exciting yet daunting at the same time. Fret not, here are a few tips on how to get things sorted before your baby enters the world!

Get organized & ready!

  • Stocking up on essentials
    The first few days/ weeks back from the hospital will be hectic, adjusting to your baby & managing the household. Tick one off the list by stocking some essential gears to ease your burden. Some of this might include:

    • Diapers – have a variety; ranging from newborn to S sizes to prepare for a slightly bigger baby or a fast growing one!
    • Disposable wipes – for a hassle-free clean up (poop) session
    • Feeding bottles – idea is to have enough bottles for rotation in the day; don’t forget liquid cleansers to easily remove milk fat & stains on them too! It will definitely safe you from additional stress & time spent cleaning.
  • Swaddles
    When babies first leave the womb, the sudden change of atmosphere brings them anxiety & a swaddle effectively reduces it by helping them the feel safe. Swaddling helps baby sleep more soundly & longer too; it’s really a win-win situation for you & your baby!
  • Baby personal care
    Three must-have items which are necessary are baby shower liquid, lotion & oil. Some key points to look out in a baby shower is ensuring that the product is tear free, contains 100% organic plant actives & free from harsh chemicals. Baby’s skin & development are crucial as newborns, hence, it is necessary to keep their delicate skin supple & nourished always with a moisturizing baby lotion. Massaging your with baby with some baby oil not only helps them in their development but encourages better sleep as well. Now, that’s a win-win situation I like to see!

Education & Safety

  • Attend a pre-natal class
    Sign up for a pre-natal class near you to help you clear your doubts & questions! All you need to know & expect about labour, contractions, swaddling & breastfeeding can be learnt from these classes.
  • Baby proof your home
    Babies are curious. They will try to grab anything they can & try putting it in their mouths! It is ideal to keep all the plugs seals and ledges closed off to avoid accidents from happening. Make sure to keep any items small enough to fit into their mouths, away from their reach as a precaution.

Preparing for your newborn

  • Choose a paediatrician
    Get recommendations from family & friends who have been through this. Just like how you choose your gynaecologist, a paediatrician is equally important once your baby has made their grand entrance
  • Install your car seat
    Leaving the hospital, vaccination or doctor’s appointment? All these require a comfy & safe baby seat for your newborn. Ensure you get the correct size that is suitable for your newborn!
  • Pack your hospital bag
    Get this ready few weeks before your expected due date! Pack all your essential items you will need early on to avoid missing something once you reach the hospital, for yourself, your spouse & definitely your baby.


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