Its important to take note that there are different sets of hospital bags which you are required to prepare! One for you, your new born baby & (not to forget) your companion. Ideally, this should be prepared a few weeks before your due date to ensure you forget nothing in the rush to the hospital when your water breaks!

Pregnant woman packing for hospital

Hospital Bag Checklist – Mum Edition

  • ID/ Insurance Card – Easily be able to be admitted & breeze through any hospital documents
  • Comfortable Clothes – Loosely fitted clothing & slip on footwear are highly recommended
  • Toiletries – All your basic items, including dry shampoo & lip balm
  • An extra-long charging cable – To prevent ever needing to be away from your phone in this digital age or wanting to take the cutest baby photos to send it to all your friends
  • Nursing Supplies if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, pack at least 2 nursing bras, pads & nipple cream

Hospital Bag Checklist – Baby Edition

  • Baby Car Seat – The hospital isn’t going to allow you leave without one! Make sure the correct one for a newborn is bought & installed correctly
  • Going home outfit – Prepare at least 2 sets of clothing of different sizes in anticipation of a slightly bigger/ smaller baby

Hospital Bag Checklist – Companion Edition

  • Clothes – Be prepared with at least two sets of clothes during your stay
  • Snacks – Granola bars, biscuits, raisins? Be prepared for whatever craving you have!
  • Entertainment – Books, kindles, iPads, laptops or just general entertainmen
  • Sleeping bag & pillow – Get comfy & keep warm on the couch/ seat while being a companion



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