Judging from the fact you have clicked into this article; your baby is probably not as easy going as you’d like them to be. Crying is the only way a newborn is able to communicate with you & usually becomes more intense when they are 2 months old (be prepared). Fortunately, it gets better with time & you will be get better at reading your baby’s cues to overcome it!

Crying can be the cause of many external & internal factors. Some common factors are when your newborn could be tired, hungry, crave for attention & possibly need a diaper change. Here are some tips to comfort your baby:

  • Picking up your baby when he/she cries provides a sense of security & knowledge that you are nearby, ready to attend to them when necessary
  • Swaddling your baby helps them feel safe as it simulates them being in the womb
  • Try having some white noise playing in the background
  • Massaging your newborn with a specially formulated baby oil on their back or tummy can soothe your baby
  • Music & movement can have a positive effect on babies as it calms the nervous system – a familiar voice singing  & some swaying can soothe your baby
  • Giving her a warm bath may also help to calm your baby down. Be sure to check the temperature of the water
  • Try putting him/her to bed and create a routine for her naps

You’ve got this! Don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured under the circumstance, you have the ability to comfort your baby.


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