There are many ingredients that are required in making a baby product, let alone any product! However, as babies are sensitive & have delicate skin, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the products used are suitable for your newborn baby, let’s break it down!

  1. Get a product SPECIFICALLY for newborns
    It is very important to use products that are specially formulated for newborns because these products are definitely gentler in comparison to regular shower/ lotion products.
  2. TEAR FREE is key
    A slippery crying baby spells for disaster! You can be super careful & still get some shower/ shampoo product into your baby’s eyes by pure accident. Ensure that your baby shower product is tear free to make it safer &more convenient for yourself and your baby!
  3. 100% organic plant actives
    Choosing products with organic ingredients is crucial for your newborn babies as their skin is significantly thinner when they are below 2 years old (Stamatas et al., 2010)!
  4. Dermatologically tested (vs Hypoallergenic)
    Let’s break it down, these two terms are relatively common on baby products but there is a significant difference! Between the two tests, a product that is dermatologically tested is better than hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested is a process where products go through actual testing on volunteers to ensure the safety of the product, however, there is no standard regulation on being a hypoallergenic product.
  5. Check the ingredients
    Some of the ingredients to look out for are the presence of parabens, MIT & colourants. Try to avoid all the products which contain these ingredients that could be harmful for your baby.


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